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Statera comes from the Latin word meaning ‘balance’. We believe that, as our lives get busier, our work/life balance can become destabilised leaving us susceptible to mental and physical stress. By using the therapeutic properties of plants we can improve our working environment, bringing a positive effect to our wellbeing.


One of the many ways plants can benefit our work life is by increasing productivity. Our brains expend a lot of energy on tasks that require our full attention. This mental fatigue can only be restored by giving ourselves a break. Shifting our attention to an indirect or effortless form of engagement can refresh us. Plants can offer this type of
absorbing, restorative distraction.


Physical and Mental Health Benefits
In today’s climate most workplaces have a large server connected to a networked system of computers and printers. These machines produce VOCs and CO2, volatile compounds and gases. All day exposure to these can cause headaches, drowsiness and loss of concentration. Studies have shown that growing plants in the office can help to clean the air and improve your physical and mental health.


Statera is an object made for the working space. The plants, nestled in ceramic pots, balance in a metal structure supported by a stone base. The two halves represent the physical and mental wellbeing that make us whole. We think of it as a gentle reminder to keep balance in your working life.


Each plant offers its own unique benefits that can enhance your physical
and mental wellbeing. Statera allows you to choose complementary plants
that can benefit your health and create a positive working environment.


Designed and assembled at Fabrica.
Statera is a project conceived by
Fiona O’Leary
. Designed in collaboration
Giorgia Zanellato. Photography by
Marco Zanin.

If interested in Statera,
please let us know